An Australian online board portal that’s secure, cost-efficient, and designed by corporate governance experts

Boardtrac is an Australian owned board software that is designed by corporate governance and legal experts who understand the tools and knowledge that boards need to function efficiently. It is the perfect meeting management tool, with a superior User Experience (UX) designed for enjoyable use.

How is Boardtrac superior to other providers?

We did an analysis and discovered a few significant ways in which we separate ourselves from our competitors.


With Boardtrac you get more bang for your buck. The Boardtrac tool, when compared with our competitors, provides similar if not the same functionality at a lower price point. In fact, we found that our clients save half (or more than half) of the price of competitor products – without losing out on quality and functionality. So why pay more if you don’t have to?


Boardtrac isn’t just a technology platform for Directors. Boardtrac has been built on the foundation of security, privacy and best-practice governance, with local input, hosting and support. The Boardtrac ethos has been based upon these factors, unlike competitors who have built a tool without adequate knowledge of the security requirements for boards.

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Boardtrac offers an extremely modern and clean UX that combines clarity with an easy-to-use and intuitive navigation system. Other competitor board portals portray out of date digital spiral binding or a book interface – not a great look online or user experience! Give your Board Members a tool that allows them to focus on the meeting, not on how to navigate around the tool.


Not just another app. Our technology is led by governance professionals who know the real-life challenges of boardroom administration and the requirements of best practise governance. Not like other board portals that are made by tech people who are have not experienced the complexities of executive-level board management. Boardtrac is built by a team of directors and corporate governance specialists.


One login will access all the boards a Director sits on; no more having to remember different usernames and passwords. Compare this Boardtrac functionality to other board portals who ask you to set up new accounts for every board that a Director is on – not an effective use of time and not intuitive at all. Boardtrac makes your life as a Director, easier.


Boardtrac is designed, built and hosted in Australia. During a time when many businesses and people are impacted by COVID – by partnering with Boardtrac you are supporting an Australian business, the backbone of our economy.

Australian Made


Our Boardtrac platform offers all kinds of clever design and features to help your board and board administrators get their work done. And we back you up with our in-house support team. The same people who help you get started, are there to keep you on the straight and narrow.


Whether you use a tablet or a laptop – Boardtrac has a native application to allow online and offline access, with enhanced encryption and security. If you misplace your usual device, Boardtrac is also web-accessible, so you can access your papers from any web-enabled device.

In a nutshell:

Our board portal is cost-effective, recently re-designed to suit a modern interface, and made by governance professionals who know real-life boardroom challenges and the specific requirements of best practice governance.

If your board portal is eating away at your budget, consider our solution today.

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How Boardtrac benefits everyone in your organisation

Boardtrac provides the perfect solution for busy EA’s and Board Administrators who need to use their time efficiently with an easy-to-use back-end portal.

  • Simple back end-user interface with drag and drop technology 
  • Digitally create, manage and distribute meeting times, attendees, agendas, and board packs/materials with ease.  
  • Remote purging to maintain control and security in case a Directors’ device is lost.
  • Voting options to appropriately manage ‘show of hands’, circular resolution or secret ballots.
  • Minutes functionality will help you streamline board meeting management.
  • Simple installation that will have your whole team using Boardtrac right away.  
  • Superior organisation with an easy-to-use document library.

Read more about how Boardtrac can assist you as an EA or Administrator.

Boardtrac is designed to make life easy for Directors. We understand best practice corporate governance and Directors’ responsibilities.

  • One login for multiple boards. We get to know you, not just the boards you’re on. Whether you are sitting on one or many boards, you only need to login once to access all of them. View all the info you need, in one place.
  • Designed by Directors. Boardtrac understands not only what you need but the best way to deliver the information in the most user-friendly way possible.
  • Online and offline access to documents, governance materials and board communications.
  • Easily review and mark up documents prior to meetings.
  • Reduced risk of discoverability – in the case of loss or theft of a device, all stored board documents, notes and highlights can be remotely deleted.
  • Control Access. Manage potential conflicts of interest by setting default permissions for each group and alter them for individual items or documents as required.

Read more about how Boardtrac can assist you as a Director.

Saving money is crucial in this constantly fluctuating economic climate. Have your Board lead from the top by switching to Boardtrac.

Cost-effective and reliable service.

Stay within your budget, without compromising on security.

Ensure financial security for your organisation.

Implement a secure board portal that will help to organise and drive your organisation’s goals forward – without breaking the bank.

Security is everything and we have developed a board portal that is built on this foundation.

  • Our ISO certification demonstrates our commitment to a safe, robust and secure board portal for your classified documents.
  • Streamlined and easy-to-use, yet intelligent technology.
  • Easily download documents to your devices based on pre-defined access levels, with updates delivered as soon as they’re available.
  • WebApp is built with the highest level of security in mind, with all documents protected by a unique session token that exists only when a user is logged on.
  • Australian built and hosted – we have ensured that all data is kept in Australia and secured.

Why not use Boardtrac as your ultimate meetings management tool. Whether you’re a start-up or running projects, our tool can be used for superior event and project management – on any device, and from anywhere.

  • Our user portal has been built for scalability and used by hundreds of users. Upload groups via a via a .csv file easily.
  • Project management and organisation is made easy with Boardtrac.
  • Easily distribute and organise meetings online.
  • Easily invite attendees and create meetings from any device.
  • Add your own branding ad custom logos.
Extra benefit for Not For Profit organisations

We have worked with numerous Not-for-profits who choose our product for its quality without the high price tag.

The ROI with Boardtrac includes tangible savings in terms of time, resources and materials (in comparison to paper-based board management processes), as well as a range of broader governance and security benefits.

If you’re looking to cut costs, don’t cut your board portal. Go with Boardtrac instead.

We provide a quality product, with special Not For Profit pricing, which is backed by corporate governance knowledge and suited to your needs.

Save money on manual board processes

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What our customers are saying about us
Helen van Heemst
Administrator, Australian Multicultural Community Services Inc.

‘It was a pleasure to work with the Boardtrac onboarding team. Thank you for responding very promptly when I needed guidance and giving me the reassurance to work my way through the platform.’

Melissa Perry
Chief Executive Officer, Communicare

‘Our Administrator users found the Boardtrac team to be professional, friendly and knowledgeable allowing them to be more productive and efficient during preparation for Board Meetings. With Boardtrac, the ability to efficiently control distribution can be done at the touch of a button and compliant archiving is completed at the same time.’

Joe Konynenburg
Group Finance Manager, Mercy Education Limited

‘…the before and after sales support has been exceptional. In particular, the rollout regime was very thorough and well-organised and gave comfort to both us as administrators and, more importantly, to our end users.’

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