Do I need to be ‘tech savvy’ to use Boardtrac?

Absolutely not – Boardtrac is easy to use and learn. Most users will be able to quickly navigate through the app. With a little practice, users with little or no product experience will quickly feel comfortable with Boardtrac.

When I use Boardtrac am I able to take notes and highlight key extracts?

Yes – when using the Boardtrac app you are able to make notes and highlight documents (provided you’ve been given permission to do so). Private notes or highlights made on your online device are held only on your device. All notes data may be remotely wiped by an authorised Administrator, in line with the governance requirements of your organisation.

Can other Boardtrac users view the document notes and highlights I make on Boardtrac?

No – the notes and highlights you add to documents in the Boardtrac app are only visible to you and cannot be accessed by other Boardtrac users or administrators. If any other Boardtrac user attempts to log in to your device using their log in details, all notes and highlights are automatically deleted.

Am I able to access the Boardtrac app and review documents offline?

With Boardtrac, users can work offline on the iPad app provided the documents have already been downloaded whilst online. Once the online connection is restored, all updates made in offline mode will sync back to the server without any action required on the part of the user.

I currently sit on more than one board. Does Boardtrac have the capacity to manage multiple boards within one app?

Yes – provided each company has a Boardtrac subscription, the app allows you to manage your board responsibilities within the one app. The feed provides you with a quick snapshot of new updates, meetings, votes, and documents across multiple boards. You can then choose to drill down and view specific information.

What is the expected time frame from sign-up to Boardtrac launch?

Your Boardtrac portal can be launched within approximately two weeks of signing our letter of engagement. Administrator training sessions will be conducted at the first available opportunity.

What is the process for creating board packs in Boardtrac?

With Boardtrac, you can assemble and distribute a board pack in minutes. Documents are simply uploaded from your computer to the Boardtrac administrator portal. Agendas can be created and saved as templates, meaning subsequent meetings are faster and easier to create and publish. Only administrators have the ability to view, create, edit or delete templates.

Can I manage which board members have access to particular documents?

Yes – as an administrator you have the ability to create groups or committees within an organisation, easily adding or removing members to groups as required. As an administrator you can set permissions and accessibility of each group or committee, according to their needs. In addition, there are individual document permissions for every document added to Boardtrac.

How easy is Boardtrac to administer?

The Boardtrac administration system is simple and very user-friendly. Incorporating ‘drag and drop’ and ‘browse and attach’ functionality, the administration section of Boardtrac is designed to streamline and simplify the process of assembling and distributing board packs.

Can Boardtrac be used as a more general document distribution tool?

Yes – Boardtrac has been designed in a way that is completely scalable so that you can upload large user populations and create groups of users for different types of distribution purposes. The terminology within Boardtrac can be customised to reflect your organisation.

Why would my organisation want to use Boardtrac for document distribution?

Boardtrac brings enterprise-grade security to document distribution. It allows you to securely deliver materials to the Boardtrac app that users can readily use to read, make private notes and highlight documents on their online device.

Boardtrac is not just for your board. It can assist you in organising a wide range of events including conferences, department meetings, investor symposiums, project teams, transactions and litigation.

What devices are supported?

The iPad app for Boardtrac will run on any Air2 + devices running iOS 10 or above. The WebApp will work on any internet connected device running Chrome.

At Boardtrac however, our preference is to utilise an iPad to increase your security. An iPad permanently deletes all content, including any private notes and highlights. Other devices can retain copies of information in the memory of the device which can be extracted by forensic examination.

What software is required to run Boardtrac?

Administrators can access their admin portals from any online device. There is no specific software needed to operate Boardtrac administrator functions because it is accessed via your existing web browser.

What documents and other file formats are supported?

Users can view PDF’s, Microsoft Office documents (converted to PDF’s), videos and images using the Boardtrac iPad app. Audio files are also supported. Boardtrac’s PDF reader is optimised for the iPad, letting users swipe through large documents and make highlights and notes.

Where are Boardtrac servers located? Will any content be stored overseas?

All Boardtrac servers are located in Australia. No content or data saved to your Boardtrac account will be stored overseas. Boardtrac is an all-Australian product; designed, developed, operated and hosted in Australia.

What happens if an iPad is stolen or lost?

If an iPad is reported missing, the Boardtrac administrator can remotely delete all Boardtrac content from that iPad. If the iPad is not online, the delete command is executed automatically when the iPad next goes online.

If another user attempts to log into your Boardtrac app with different login details, your data, including board documents, notes, and highlights, will be automatically deleted.

Does Boardtrac meet government security standards?

With a number of government agencies as clients, our experience has shown that most have individual security protocols that must be adhered to. We are happy to work with you to ensure our security parameters will satisfy your security requirements.

How secure is Boardtrac?

We understand the need for unwavering security and protection for your board documents. Accordingly, security was a key factor underpinning all design features and usability discussions.

  1. Communications across the Boardtrac server are protected and all documents and user notes stored within the Boardtrac app are encrypted.
  2. Boardtrac undertakes periodic professional penetration testing of its server and app.
  3. Board documents and personal notes are automatically deleted when another user attempts to access your Boardtrac app account.
  4. No other apps operating on your iPad can access, communicate or share information with your Boardtrac app.