Streamlined processes

With Boardtrac Plus, you can assemble and distribute a board pack in minutes. Approved documents can be instantly published and last-minute updates included, providing directors with instant visibility and streamlining the board pack creation process.

Go entirely paperless

With Boardtrac Plus, board members arrive at meetings with all the documents they need on their device. No longer is there a need for cumbersome papers or board packs. Directors can make private and secure notes and highlights directly to any documents to which they have access rights.

Intuitive and simple to use

Once installed, your whole team can start using Boardtrac Plus in no time at all! It’s easy-to-use, with simple drag and drop technology. Coupled with the support of the Boardtrac Plus customer service team, implementation is fast and simple.

Secure by design

 Individual user access to the app is granted by personalised invitation from the Boardtrac server. User access requires username, password and PIN/ fingerprint (on iPad).

Online WebApp

Our Boardtrac WebApp allows users to view their papers on any device. Built with the highest level of security in mind, all documents are protected by a unique session token that exists only when a user is logged on. With all documents uniquely encrypted, you can be assured that all documents remain secure and confidential.

Australian owned

Our Boardtrac platform has been designed and developed in Australia, in consultation with experienced directors and legal governance experts from leading law firm MinterEllison.

Key Features

Add custom logos and branding.

Automate board pack creation and distribution with instant publication of approved materials to all users and support for last-minute updates.

Custom built organisation folder system, distribute and rearrange documents by dragging and dropping.

Send out invites, schedule meetings (with associated map) and manage meeting acceptance and declines.

Create an agenda from scratch or saved templates. Attach documents. Set group or individual permissions for each item and associated documents.

Control who sees what. Manage potential conflicts of interest by setting default permissions for each group, and alter them for individual items or documents as required.

Share draft meetings and agendas with selected users. Review and approve meetings, agendas and documents prior to distribution.

Assemble a ‘document library’ with folders of relevant materials for easy access by your users. This could include governance materials, policies, procedures, guidelines and instructions. Document security levels can be set over folders and individual documents to control individual access.

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