Balancing functionality with ease of use

Easy to use and built specifically to improve board processes, Boardtrac Plus allows you to maximise your productivity and gives you complete control over the meeting process.

Anywhere, anytime access

Access all your stored documents, governance materials and board communications regardless of internet connectivity. Connect to the Internet to refresh and download any new content. The voting functionality can be utilised to demonstrate a ‘show of hands’ or used to manage circular resolutions.

Reduced risk of discoverability

In the case of loss or theft of a device, all your stored board documents, notes, and highlights can be remotely deleted.

A sustainable solution

Run paperless meetings. No need to produce and post multiple copies of documents. Boardtrac Plus provides a truly ‘green solution’. Documents are automatically downloaded to directors’ devices based on pre-defined access levels, with updates delivered as soon as they’re available. Chairs can pre-approve meetings and agendas prior to publishing.

Online WebApp

Enjoy the freedom to view your papers via our online Boardtrac WebApp. Built with the highest level of security in mind, all documents are protected by a unique session token that exists only when a user is logged on. With all documents uniquely encrypted, you can be assured that all documents remain secure and confidential.

Australian owned

Our Boardtrac platform has been designed and developed in Australia, in consultation with experienced directors and legal governance experts from leading law firm MinterEllison.

Key Features

Your access to the app is granted by personalised invitation from the Boardtrac server, and secured with your personal username, password and PIN/ fingerprint (on iPad).

Access all your stored documents anywhere, anytime regardless of internet connectivity. Connect to the internet to refresh and download any new content.

Boardtrac Plus provides a snapshot of activities across all of the companies on which you hold directorships on your personalised home page. See your upcoming meeting agendas, respond to meeting invites, vote and be updated with any agenda modifications, without the need to login to individual companies.

Make private and secure notes and highlights directly to any documents to which you have access rights.

In case of loss or theft of device, remotely delete all your stored board documents, notes, and highlights.

Vote on items‘show of hands’, circular resolution or secret ballot. A wide variety or permissions support unanimous or majority vote types, and control who can view what.

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